Ansible for Kubernetes

Errata and Changes

Since many book sales platforms don't allow easy book revisioning, this page will collect all known flaws in Ansible for Kubernetes, starting with the 1.0 release (as tracked on LeanPub).

If you'd like to report an error or suggest an improvement, please post an issue in the Ansible for Kubernetes issue queue on GitHub.

Version 0.4 - Current

  1. No errata at this time.

Version 0.3 - 0.4

  1. #36 - Added chapter 7 on testing with Molecule, Kind, and Ansible.
  2. #38 - Fixed misspelling of 'create' in chapter 2 (thanks to BernardoEstevao and David R!).
  3. #34 - Update example in chapter 4 to use Kubernetes 1.17 instead of 1.16.
  4. #39 - Fix spelling of Mirantis in chapter 1 (thanks to dwaiting!).
  5. #42 - Add extra debug info to chapter 4 build Kubernetes cluster example so NodePort is available when testing the final deployed app (thanks to benheu!).
  6. #43 - Add note about the k8s_info module being named k8s_facts in Ansible 2.8 and earlier after its first usage in chapter 4 (thanks to nejch!).
  7. #52 - Add MapPublicIpOnLaunch: true to Subnets in EKS VPC CloudFormation templates so EKS cluster runs correctly.
  8. #49 - Update EKS cluster version from 1.15 to latest version, 1.16.
  9. #65 - Fix typo with wrong vars/main.yml path order in chapter 5 (thanks to typ-ex!).
  10. #64 - Fix typo with the word 'list' in chapter 4 (thanks to js-mode and typ-ex!).
  11. #51 - Fix typo with 'a the' in chapter 3 Solr example (thanks to shuklalok!).
  12. #66 - Fix formatting of mention of aws-iam-authenticator in PDF version of book in chapter 5 (thanks to typ-ex!).
  13. #59 - Update EKS cluster version from 1.16 to latest version, 1.17.
  14. Bumped book version to 0.4, Kubernetes version to 1.19 in chapter 4 local VM cluster example, and Solr version to 8.6.2 in chapter 3.

Version 0.2 - 0.3

  1. #30 - Added AWS EKS Cluster example using Ansible to manage CloudFormation stacks to configure VPC networking, an EKS Cluster, and an EKS Node Group.
  2. #28 - Description for docker_image task in chapter 3 changed from 'ensure container is present' to 'ensure image is present' (thanks to qmarco!).
  3. #27 - Fixes spelling and grammar error in description of 'kubernetes-the-hard-way' project in chapter 4 (thanks to qmarco!).
  4. #26 - Remove extraneous 'a' in chapter 3 (thanks to qmarco!).
  5. #24 - WordPress should have a capital 'P' in the middle of the name (thanks to @dustinrue!).
  6. #23 - Fixed spelling of 'specializes' in chapter 2 (thanks to qmarco!).
  7. #32 - Use k8s wait parameter instead of a separate kubectl wait task to wait for Pods to be Ready in chapter 4 hello-k8s deployment example.
  8. #30 - Add AWS EKS example built with CloudFormation running a WordPress instance in chapter 5.
  9. Extracted GKE Terraform example into its own chapter (chapter 6), incremented what was chapters 6-9 into chapters 7-10.
  10. #29 - Change all outdated references to 'Jinja2' to 'Jinja', and use .jinja file extension instead of .j2.
  11. #22 - Adjust the 'Building container images in Minikube with Ansible' section to be more clear on project directory structures (thanks to @qmarco!).
  12. Moved ansible-bender container builder mention to summary in chapter 3.
  13. Fixed code formatting quirks throughout the book, especially with some terminal output examples.
  14. #35 - Update EKS cluster version from 1.14 to latest version, 1.15.

Version 0.1 - 0.2

  1. #9: Added kubectl describe pod [id] command example in chapter 1's deployment example; it was missing from the example, which only showed the 'events' output for the pod, and not the command used (thanks to FrankFromHR!).
  2. #10: Corrected grammar in chapter 2 'Managing Minikube' section, use 'your' instead of 'you' (thanks to aharden!)
  3. #11: Fixed spelling Kubernetes 'Kuberenetes' and Ansible 'Anible' in chapter 4 (thanks to bmillemathias!).
  4. #17: Fixed typo in ../hello-go Dockerfile path in chapter 3 docker_image module example explanation (thanks to FrankFromHR!).
  5. #21, #20, #19, #18: Fixed a number of typos (e.g. 'it's' to 'its', 'containter' to 'container') in the first two chapters (thanks to qmacro!).

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